Have you ever decided to try MEDITATION, found some instructions to follow, settled yourself comfortably; then for reasons that seemed beyond your control, found it to be too difficult a task?

Well then, let me simplify it for you.

First consider this:

At some point in your life have you found yourself lost in a DAY DREAM?

Maybe it involved thinking or planning a family celebration; wishing for or even reliving that fabulous vacation; or so absorbed in a movie or story that should someone speak to you, your instant response is to jump or do what feels like pulling yourself away from that fantasy back to the present.


Those moments were actually meditative moments and you got there all by yourself!

DREAMSCAPES was created to help you dream outside the box of your daily existence, and use your own IMAGINATION to discover new realities.

It is time to create new pathways to a calmer, healthier you. REMEMBER that our thoughts do create our reality!

DREAM as BIG as you dare to go and then give yourself permission to go even beyond that!

There are no limits to what you can have, do or be, except those you put on yourself!

All photos are from the personal gallery of Helen Sladden and may not be reprinted without permission!

The INSTRUCTIONS are simple:

1. Set a timer for 15 minutes; find a quiet comfortable place and a time when you will not be disturbed. (As your experience grows you can release yourself into the dream for as long as you like, even using these photos to dream yourself to sleep)

2. Have paper and pen handy and if you enjoy background music then play something softly in the back ground.

3. Prop one of the photos before you, soften your vision in a dreamy way as you look at it and allow yourself to go deep to a place within the scene; then just let your imagination take you down pathways into the unknown, through doorways for new opportunities, or off into the clouds to a time and place that before this you have only ever dreamed about!

4.Use these general instructions every time and then use the suggestions with each photo as a guideline for direction, experience, or questions to ask yourself. PLEASE REMEMBER…where you go and what you discover every time you use these photo prompts, will be as unique to each individual as only the freedom of dreaming can offer.

5. Use the pen to write whatever words, thoughts, experiences or phrases come to your attention as your inner eye explores and does all the work. Have fun while you learn so much more about yourself, passions, and purpose.

All photos are from the personal gallery of Helen Sladden and may not be reprinted without permission!

"Email and tell me how you are doing."