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Introduction to Ya Think

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Dreamscapes 1 Cover

Introduction to Dreamscapes 1

Healing and Inner Growth
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Confucius Says:
Welcome to Change 'N You

Introduction and Instructions

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Day Is Done

Day Is Done

Or…Is it just beginning?

What new horizons are calling out to you?
Or what challenges have you finally laid to rest?

What new adventure is just beyond the trees,
or what promises to yourself have you completed?

Life exists with US in it, and the flow will either carry us along or desert us,
leaving it to ourselves to find a way back onto the path.
The choice is yours.

Dreaming your way into a new day opens the path to new opportunities and ideas,
and is just as soul satisfying as acknowledging your accomplishments,
blessings and importance at day's end.

Remember that all moments are fleeting,
so make the most of every one that you have left!

All photos are from the personal gallery of Helen Sladden and may not be reprinted without permission!

"Email and tell me how you are doing."

Over the course of my journey I have found the most profound changes only happen when we take personal responsibility for our actions, words, and choices.

Yes we do have choice. From the moment we open our eyes to start our day until we rest them, our hours in between are filled with moment by moment decisions, thoughts, actions and of course the results of those very same things.

But sometimes we are so caught up in just daily survival that we limit ourselves from new experiences by following the same patterns, belief systems, routines and rituals. We get stuck in complacency believing life is just as it is. Maybe we are too tired to try, or feel there are not enough hours in the day to do something new, or have worked very hard creating someone else's happiness and success. I believe Richard Stockton said: "If you are not living your own dream then you are creating someone else's".

Can we honestly say we are happy? Or, do we really feel fulfilled? Are we living someone else's dream; too afraid to take a step into the unknown, believe enough in ourselves to try something new?

On the other side of that thought, have you ever identified what makes you happiest or what success or joy in your life would look like? If you released that anger, pain, hurt, feelings of guilt or shame, or frustration, and were able to forgive yourself or someone else for past traumas, could you let yourself be at peace?

We alone are in charge of our own destiny which sounds trite or like a cliché. Yet we let others' opinions, needs, choices, dreams, and challenges direct our lives while looking for acceptance, or approval to validate our self-worth. Giving of our time, effort, love and support to someone in need is a most honorable and humbling experience. The sense of well being and inner joy derived from the experience is phenomenal. I am entirely in agreement of unconditional support and charity. The difficulty arises when we give or do for others without thinking or knowing how to replenish ourselves. Our energy system is like a bank account. When we keep making withdrawals to help, assist or support another without making a deposit now and then, we soon run out of anything left to give.

As the name Change 'N You suggests, the sessions and workshops offered here can be that catalyst for replenishing your soul, finding your direction, being responsible for your own journey and fulfilling your own dreams.

Helen Sladden


Cell: (416) 727-2513

Toronto Number: (905) 814-8898

St Thomas Number: (519) 207-8898

Change N You

St Thomas, ON N5P3X3

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